North Georgia Brown Thrasher Eating AGAIN

Project: Backyard Pishing
Location: Talking Rock, Pickens County, North Georgia

Can't quite put my Fingertips on it but there's something about how my Kodak Z740 blocks out or fades the background that seems to make the birds almost looked stuffed and posed. I don't know. Maybe it's the birds themselves voguing when the camera comes out. I'M JOKING! :))

One thing that always grabs my own eye is these Brown Thrashers (Toxostoma rufum, BRTH) have some wicked looking eyes. Like a tremendously intense wide-eyed stare.

The Thrasher pictured here is eating off a cheap platform feeder. Is a very weathered, untreated piece of 4x4 that is one of the more popular feeding spots here. I'd venture to guess it's favored because the board presents a long, open area. That allows for several birds to eat together at the same time with less face-to-face confrontation that a two foot square platform feeder might otherwise cause between them.