Adult Female Hairy Woodpecker At Nugget Feeder

Project: Backyard Pishing
Location: Private Residence, Talking Rock, Pickens County, North Georgia

Taken this afternoon (Monday, 2012.05.07) by hanging out the window. To the best of my knowledge, this is a Hairy Woodpecker (Dendrocopos villosus, HAWO) that is falling under the category of Nest Watch right now.

The parent in the video is loading up from the nugget feeder (peanuts and sunflower seeds). There are at least two fledglings following her ALL around the yard as of this morning. This time of the year, the "Calgon take me away" mantra runs through my head often. Comes from any time of day seeing some species of babies staying hot on the trail of their parents every time the parents move. :))


  1. *waving!* I changed my theme today (2017.04.21) and now am not able to edit my own posts here now. So this is a pending edit:
    Several years ago, someone pointed out that this is likely *not* a Hairy Woodpecker. I think I remember agreeing with them then but [bad things] happened here in Talking Rock so sharing my backyard birding adventures got sidetracked.
    These days, I do now have a *for reals* Hairy Woodpecker.. or 2 or 3.. coming around very regularly. Pending to-do is go back and change many things Woodpecker in my published videos and images.
    In the meantime, forget all about the small beak/large bill/proportional beak, yada-yada for one sec. Hairies... are very noticeably bigger, period, when in your face up close.. like right over top of your head.
    That said.. I also still need to find out why the Downies here sometimes look very big compared to their likely counterparts aka other Downies.... but, nope, not quite as big as the Hairies. That's why I originally thought I was seeing Hairies when I was not... back then.
    #TrueStory :)


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