Saturday, April 21, 2012

Gray Catbird Listening To Another One Cat Calling

Taken just a little bit ago (2012.04.21). The Gray Catbirds were here about a month ago and had a big blowout catfight then I didn't see them but maybe one more time. This week they've been here I think it's four days. It *looks like* there are four having regular discussions over squatting rights to the front yard. VERY FUNNY to listen to their calls as it really does very often sound like cats and kittens..

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Female Eastern Towhee Eating

Starting to see a theme here yet? If I'm LUCKY, I can squeak by any given month on "just" 100 pounds of bird seed. The one eating here is a female Eastern Towhee (Pipilo erythrophthalmus), also not so long ago found in books as the Rufous-sided Towhee. Actually, I'm not quite sure what she has in her mouth there. Looks a little bigger than the sunflower seeds usually found there. Might be a juicy bug she found there in the Dogwood around where the bird seed is shared.

Have been living here in North Georgia since September, 1995, but have only just started seeing Towhees about five years ago while I was walking through town (Jasper). I was beyond thrilled the first time I heard one call in the backyard, and now to have the female making very showings out in the front yard this year puts it over the top. :)

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Male American Goldfinch Eating

Taken Friday the 13th (April 13, 2012) with Kodak Z740 most likely "party" preset mode. Got a little worried that all the American Goldfinches had moved on in the first major migration. Went from some 60+ to none in a span of a few days. Right now I hear or see maybe three throughout the day. BIG difference. :)

Monday, April 16, 2012

Male Northern Cardinal Eating

Male Northern Cardinal Eating

Hi and welcome! Image is of a regularly visiting adult male Northern Cardinal (Cardinalis cardinalis, alpha banding code NOCA) that was cracking a sunflower seed with his back to me. I have taken hundreds of Cardinal images, and most come out with the focus just off a tad the way this one is. Have come to the conclusion my little Kodak Z740 red eye feature takes issue with very red birds. :))